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I’ve been meaning to get this post up, so I hope you’re all ready to take a little inside peek of our apartment!


apartment tourIf you’re a new reader here, I just recently moved from NY to NC as my boyfriend received a job promotion and transfer. We were really looking forward to paying less for just about everything, and were excited to make this move as we’re opening a new chapter in our lives.

I am fanatical about doing research. This is not an exaggeration; R would be willing to tell you how long it takes for me to reach decisions =). I spent many days before the move, and after the move (in the hotel), figuring out what area would be best for us to live in.

Since most leasing offices closed around 6, R had to leave his job during the day to go look at apartments. Thankfully they’re really lax there, but we only had about an hour or so each day. That wasn’t going to fly.

That’s why when the special on this apartment came up, we took it. Against my “omgIcantcommittothisrightaway” mindset, we went for it on the spot. It filled me with both anxiety and excitement!

So what made me pull the trigger when I otherwise normally wouldn’t? The special was too good to pass up. The complex was having a great sale, and I can tell you with certainty we would not have looked here otherwise, as their prices are a bit high.

Our layout normally goes from $1,200-$1,300. We have a two bed/two bath setup. Yikes! We were paying $1,250 at our last place, so while we were getting much more bang for our buck, we wanted to decrease our housing costs, not increase them.

They were offering $899 base rent, plus a package that included water, cable, trash pick-up, internet and pest control for an additional $83. So all in all, we pay $982 a month for this awesome place. Electric is the only utility we are responsible for.

We basically estimated around $1,050 for costs all together when we started looking, and we are happy with what we got. R is making a decent amount more, and considering gas prices and car insurance is lower, we are still saving.

Is this truly my ideal apartment?

Some of you might remember that I posted what my ideal apartment would look like. For fun, let’s take a look back and see how close this apartment comes to ticking off all the boxes.

  • Dishwashercheck! Although it doesn’t leave things as sparkling clean as I would like.
  • Washer/Dryercheck! The unit is in a closet across from our bedroom. It’s quite noisy but it gets the job done.
  • Big kitchencheck! Our kitchen counter spans the entire wall, and then we have an island, so we have all the counter space we need and then some. We also have a few cabinets that aren’t being used. 
  • Pantrycheck! It’s on the small side, but it is enough to leave us with those unused cabinets in case we need them.
  • Two beds/two bathscheck and check! Our guest room barely has anything in it, and my intention is to use it as an office or as a little craft room. R can get painting done in there. Our cats seem to like it, too.
  • Proximity to R’s jobcheck! There is a main interstate he could have used to get to his job, but it is awfully congested. Our apartment is situated on the perfect back road that gets in there in 15 minutes or less.
  • Near a parkcheck, though we haven’t been there yet. This is horrible, but we still haven’t really explored the area. I know the place nearby has some trails.
  • Open conceptcheck! As you’ll see, the kitchen completely leads out into the living room. Then there’s a hallway that contains the bedrooms and bathrooms. I love how big the living room is.
  • Deckcheck! We have our own little outdoor space, overlooking some trees. Lots of birds pass by, I’ve seen a rabbit and R has seen a gecko.

Wow, apparently we found the perfect apartment! I just kept a mental checklist and it looks like it was spot on. I’ll mention that it’s also much quieter. There is some construction going on as they are getting three more buildings up, but they’re in the beginning stages and should be done by September. There’s also a lot of dogs here, and sometimes they get a bit carried away with barking.

Nevertheless, it’s by far much better than where we were before. We also have a pool, a small fitness room, wifi cafe, free Starbucks machine thingy, and they have plans for a dog park, saltwater pool and bigger business center.

Additionally, a huge mall is right down the road (we walked around once; mall’s aren’t our thing), along with a Super Target and tons of food options. Unfortunately, they are mostly chains, and half are fast-food, but I guess it’s good to have options, right?

Apartment tour!

You can click on each for a larger picture.

As you can see, there’s a decent amount of space being unused. The bathroom picture was taken before we actually got everything in here; we do use that! We’d like to get a coffee table to go in the middle of the living room, and eventually we’d like to get a reading chair or something in the corner (can’t see it from the picture). On the wall opposite the couch is just the TV right now, and according to my mom, it looks lost there!

That said, I am going to fight cramming a bunch of furniture in here that isn’t functional. I don’t want to be one of those people that uses their spare bedrooms for storage, either. I think we have enough right now!

Do you make good use out of the space in your house/apartment, or is it a bit crowded?

Erin is a total goofball who sucks at writing about herself (though she finds referring to herself in the third person amusing). When she's not editing videos, she can be found messing around in Photoshop, laughing at her cats, watching YouTube videos, playing video games, chair dancing, sipping coffee, or any random combination of the above.

58 thoughts on “Apartment Tour!

  1. I *LOVE* your new place. It looks massive. And I’m envious of the two bathrooms! I’ve been looking at a lot of apartments and houses online over the past week and I’m starting to go crazy over layouts and updates, etc.

    It’s also awesome that you checked everything off your list, and under $1,000! That’s a pretty sweet deal.

    1. When I was doing initial research, the different layouts were driving me crazy. So many of these places were in the same price range that it came down to personal preference and location. I think I know what I like now – big open concept kitchen/living room, and hallway for the bedrooms and bathrooms. It also feels more like a house that way!

    1. It would probably look a bit better if we actually had a living room set, but since we are comfortable with what we have, there’s no reason to upgrade. I love all the space we have – we were working out in the living room yesterday!

    1. Thank you – the kitchen completely sold me, too. It easily had the most counter space out of all the ones we looked at. Back where we used to live, it would probably go for $1,600 as well. They are normally $1,250ish, we just happened to get a really awesome special on it. No clue why they were practically handing them out!

  2. Your place looks so cute and it’s awesome that you literally found everything you were looking for!! I used to live in Charlotte and I definitely miss the big spacious apartment that I had there. It’s a great town, though, and I am looking forward to hearing about your adventures there.

    1. Thanks Shannon! Seriously, all the apartments we looked at were a decent size. It was quite an upgrade from what we came from, and it blew away my expectations. I am set on getting out and exploring this weekend!

  3. Love it! So happy for you guys that you grabbed a great deal on the place, AND it checked all your boxes :) Of course, I love that a kitty made it into the pictures as well. I think you’ll really love that “open concept” thing going on – our house’s floor plan is the same downstairs, where it’s pretty much all just one big room and it’s fantastic. Really makes you feel like you have an abundance of space!

    1. Thanks! They’ve been experimenting with all the windows, but during the day they seem content to lay under the bed. When we first toured the layout I was amazed at how big this area is. There’s a lot we can do with it, so we might rearrange things at a later date. My parents’ house is the same way – huge, huge living room with the kitchen overlooking it, and all the bedrooms off of there. Open concept is the way to go.

    1. Aw, I hear you. I’m not sure if I would be able to live in the city – I get claustrophobic pretty easily. As it is, R doesn’t like where my parents live simply because the houses are so close together. It’s not even close to what it’s like in the boroughs.

  4. Wow, impressive that you got everything on your list, and for a good price, too! I love having a deck/balcony. I hope I always do. That has recently turned into a priority.

    1. I admit, we have not spent much time out there yet. We’ll have to incorporate it into our routine as we aren’t used to having outdoor space at all!

  5. Congrats on your apartment and great deal!
    I’m obsessed with being space efficient in my house. I’d rather have extra/open space vs. cluttered space!

    1. Thanks! I am moving more toward space and functional furniture now, rather than having things be there just to look pretty. Not worth it; space is valuable!

  6. Wow! I can’t believe how awesome it is for less than $1,000 a month! We live in a very expensive area and a place like yours would probably be closer to $2,000 a month, at least. Maybe I need to move to a cheaper area, haha.

  7. Nice place…and for under $1,000. You know us in the NYC area are jealous! haha. I have the “omgIcantcommittothisrightaway” mindset also, but after seeing a few apartments, I knew the place we currently rent was our best bet.

    1. Oh please, this place would have easily been at least $1,600 on LI. Anything with two bedrooms was about $1,400. It’s nice to see what you can get down here for the price.

      We really liked the first place we saw, but for some reason I just wasn’t sold on it. It had a cute breakfast nook in the kitchen with bay windows, but I liked the layout of ours better.

  8. Holy crap that’s an amazing apartment! Every room is spacious and a kitchen like that isn’t common for apartments, at least here in the Twin Cities. They are typically not open and are much smaller. Our second bedroom (the small one) is our office and our third one is “in transition.” I finally got around to taking the wallpaper down and now I’m mudding and sanding one of the walls that had a bad mud job. We do hope to eventually fully transition it into a functional spare bedroom, though.

    1. Many of the apartments we looked at here were pretty open concept to some extent. Then again, this area is experiencing a huge surge in construction, so a lot of them are newer. There’s another complex being built in front of ours and up the street.

      I’d like to have the second bedroom be my office, but I like to move around the place too much! And the desk in there is kind of on the small side. We’ll see.

  9. You sound a lot like me. I research EVERYTHING before I make a decision – it’s a weird habit/obsession of mine.

    Glad you found the perfect apartment. It looks nice!

  10. EM-Your apartment looks really nice, I’m glad it had all the features from your checklist! FYI, you might want to check links to my blog, they may be broken as I switched to self-hosted yesterday (without warning I know, sorry). Lots of work to do on the blog now, but I’m excited to not have .blogspot in the name anymore :)

    1. It’s too bad we are nowhere near a beach :/. But that’s exactly how I felt with our last place. It’s so convenient to have a w/d now!

  11. I had to laugh as I was reading because of the similarities between you’re apartment hunting and my own. For example, the only reason we looked at the place we ended up in was because of a promotion – otherwise it was out of our price range, too! You definitely got a better deal (we only get free cable/internet for a year)! Looks like such a great place!

    1. A deal is a deal, right? I’m still unsure if the $83 package is really a good deal. We get very basic cable (better than nothing) and the internet here is advertised at $15, but I’m not sure if we are technically on a better plan than that. In any case, we’re comfortable with the price, so that’s what mattered. Also saves us the hassle of trying to negotiate rates down the road!

    1. Haha, I think we are safe from that. We really aren’t certain what the future holds, and we are very open to moving around the Carolina’s a bit until we find what we can deem our forever place. If we do buy a house, I imagine it will be at least 5 years from now.

  12. Your place looks great! Looks like you guys found a really nice place to start your next chapter in NC. I love open concept.. I hope in a few years we will be able to knock down a few walls in the kitchen to create an open concept.

    1. I do, too. My parents’ old house was open…from the living room and the dining room. But then the kitchen was closed off. Made no sense!

  13. This is an awesome apartment, especially for that price. Getting a two bedroom with a washer and dryer in the apartment would probably cost around $1500+ back in New York I’m guessing. Plus the apartment itself looks awesome and you even have a deck, there is awesome value to be found from your move – especially even on car insurance like you said. Congrats!

    1. Easily, if not more. The thing is, where I lived, there were mostly apartment rentals within a house (first/second-story, basement). There were nowhere near as many apartment complexes as there are here. So I guess they got away with charging a bit more, since you’d technically be in a house, and the owner is usually managing everything, not a company.

      Oh yeah, I switched my info around and I’m paying $30 for car insurance now! Win win.

  14. That apartment looks really nice! I actually have more space than I can think of right now. I was in a two bedroom apartment with my fiance, 4 birds, snake, and dog. It got a bit crowded…Now we have a 4 bedroom house with more space than I’ve ever had!

    1. Animals can really fill up spaces, can’t they? I keep saying we totally have room for a dog, but I think we’re okay with our two cats for right now. I can’t even imagine what we would do with four bedrooms!

  15. Hey EM and thanks for giving us the tour :)

    Your apartment looks quite comfy and I’m glad to read that you are both happy with what you have instead of “jamming” a bunch of furniture for he sake of filling up the space.

    Congrats on finding the best place possible!!

    Take care and all the best.


    1. Thanks Lyle – I really don’t have much of a desire to clutter up all the space we have. We felt quite cramped in our old place, having only the living room and bedroom to put things. I love the space we have now too much to sacrifice it!

    1. Thanks Laurie! I did hem and haw internally for about five minutes. My hesitation was because we saw a different apartment; not the one we would be renting. It was exactly the same, but I like to make sure everything is in working order. Thankfully things turned out fine!

  16. Your new place looks wonderful! I can’t believe you got everything on your “wish list”. Right now we’re considering buying a new house and if we can get 1/2 of the wish list, we’re pleased. Glad you pulled the trigger!

    1. Thanks! I know it’s probably not easy in the area you’re looking :/. The prices of houses up there is crazy for what you get.

  17. I am a mother of 6 and to say that I spend a lot of time in the kitchen during the day is an understatement. I love cooking for them but my small kitchen can give me a headache sometimes thus I was drooling over your kitchen. And what I wouldn’t give to have afternoon coffee for a much-needed relaxation on your deck. Very nice!

    1. Oh wow Jen, six! I can’t imagine having to cook for so many – I thought my garbage disposal of a boyfriend was bad =). I do think it’s important to have a spacious kitchen. I don’t think I’ll go back to lacking counter space.

    1. It is a decent price, though where I moved from, it would probably cost a lot more! The “normal” rate for our apartment is $1,250.

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