The Versatile Blogger Award | Journey to Saving

Yet another award has made its way on the blog scene, and I’ve been nominated by two lovely ladies – thanks Shannon and Kali! – so of course I have to participate! Others are unaware of the origins of this award, and don’t know what it’s an award for. I did some Googling and the only thing I can come up with is this website, which isn’t entirely helpful. Most other bloggers have surmised that this is just another excuse for us to be a little bit more personable!…Continue Reading “The Versatile Blogger Award”

I was curious about this one, and in the spirit of Valentine’s Day rapidly approaching (seriously, I saw Easter candy out at the grocery stores!), I figured it was somewhat appropriate. This can really be applied to any relationship, though. Random gift giving is not something I have any experience with. In my past and current relationships, I’ve enjoyed spending time with the person way more than receiving a random gift. Since hearing stories of how my co-worker’s boyfriend has come home with flowers, chocolate or…Continue Reading “Random Gift Giving: For or Against?”

Welcome to Journey to Saving, a blog dedicated to helping those that are just starting out with their financial plans. Have you just started a job, earning an income for the first time ever? Are you in debt-repayment mode, trying to save as much as possible to use toward paying your debt off? Or have you found yourself with some nice savings in the bank, but are unsure as to what you should use it for, or where it should go? Regardless of the reason you’re…Continue Reading “Welcome!”