My philosophy on Christmas and gift-giving is one that fits the true meaning of the holiday. If you're sick of consumerism, it might be the one for you!Christmas is near, and although I’ve shared my thoughts on the holiday and gift-giving on other sites, I haven’t really shared them here.

I wouldn’t consider myself a grinch, but I don’t enjoy Christmas for what it’s become. People are obsessed with buying the best presents and tend to forget why they’re giving them in the first place.

It’s sad that consumerism has taken most of the meaning away from holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. I was over it the second I heard a radio advertisement refer to it as a “Thanksavings sale.” Please.

As a result, I’ve found myself pushing back against this idea that the holidays need to revolve around shopping and spending and possibly going into debt.

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Yesterday was my birthday, and I only thought it fitting to reflect on what that means. For some, it means looking forward to being pampered and showered with presents. For others, it means spending time with loved ones. And still for some, it means absolutely nothing! From a young age, many of us are “taught” that birthdays + holidays = gifts. We look forward to these occasions, wondering what goodies we’ll get. But as time has gone on, I find myself coming up empty when people…Continue Reading “Being Happy With Less”

why not cut TV

Many PF bloggers are strong proponents of cutting cable in favor of saving thousands a year. Most packages (phone+internet+TV) seem to run around $130-$150 (in my experience). That’s around $1,700 a year. After cutting cable, though, most people resort to other alternatives, such as Hulu, Netflix, or Amazon Prime. What if you didn’t? What if you decided to cut the cord from television entirely? I was reading the profile of a couple that had a room listed on Airbnb a few days ago. In the profile, they…Continue Reading “Forget Cutting Cable, Why Not Cut TV?”