Student Loan Update #6 | Journey to Saving

I am way overdue on updating you all on our student loan situation! It’s actually been over a year since I posted about them in any detail. I can’t believe that! It’s for good reason (mostly), as I haven’t made any substantial progress. I always find it much more fun to look at the updates of those that can put thousands of dollars toward their debt. That’s just not us. If you’ve seen my monthly budgets, then you’ll know we’ve been chugging along, paying the…Continue Reading “Student Loan Update #6 (and a confession)”

On Monday, I shared with you all that R and I decided to open a joint checking account together, despite the fact that we’re neither married nor engaged. I completely realize that it’s not a choice everyone would make, but we have been technically sharing money and resources since the beginning, so it felt like it was the natural progression for our relationship. Today, I am going to share with you why we haven’t gone down the marriage path yet, and the outline we have for…Continue Reading “Are Student Loans Affecting Your Plans?”

financial history

I thought it would be a fun idea to give you guys a little background into what my financial history looks like. It’s interesting to read the transformation other bloggers have undergone – their stories of getting out of debt, becoming savers instead of spenders, and the lessons they learned along the way. Sadly, I don’t have many tales to tell, mostly because I’m still young and in my first “phase” of my journey: paying off my student loans. However, I did throw in some…Continue Reading “My Financial History”