Hello! Thank you for taking the time to stop by to read about my financial journey. I’m so glad you’re here! I absolutely love interacting with my readers – it’s the best part of being a blogger (in my opinion).

If you have any questions at all regarding personal finance, you can feel free to ask away below. I enjoy helping others out as much as I can! After all, that’s the purpose of this blog: to teach others what I have learned. You don’t have to worry about your email making an appearance on the blog unless you want it to – I’ll always ask permission before sharing your story.

If you need some help with figuring out a budget, a debt plan of attack, or just want to talk to someone about financial matters, please feel free to reach out. I’d love to get you started on your own financial journey.

If you’re a lurker and have been reading, I can assure you saying hi to me will make my day. I love connecting with people, and every time I get a comment from someone new, I can’t wait to see what they have to say. Sending me an email to let me know you’re reading is even better!

Likewise, if you have any feedback or suggestions for posts, just let me know! I blog for your benefit, so let me know what you’re interested in seeing here.

If you’re looking for information about guest posting, I currently only allow guest posts from fellow bloggers in the personal finance niche that have taken the time to comment here. If you meet that requirement, shoot me an email with a few ideas you have. You are welcome to provide a few links to your own site in the content as well as a bio. I’m also open to blog swaps!

If I don’t know who you are, or you’re trying to write a guest post on something completely unrelated to personal finance, don’t expect a response. Please respect my guidelines.

If you’re interested in hiring me as a writer or virtual assistant, please head over to my work with me page and fill out the form there. Thanks!

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