May Goals and April Review

Last month, my only goal was to get through the move. If you missed my play-by-play on how that disaster went down, you can read it here and here. Suffice to say, I’m so glad we’ve settled in! I was just commenting to R last night that it feels like we’ve been here for months already. Our old life back in NY is a distant memory. Yet, at the same time, it feels like we just got here. About a week or so after officially moving in, R was saying how it felt like we were on vacation.

It still doesn’t feel real! After wanting to be so close to my parents for almost a year, we’re now a three and a half hour drive away. If I needed to, I could leave right now to go see them. In a way, it really does feel as if we are on vacation.

This is going to sound slightly pessimistic, but throughout most of my life, I’ve dreamed and wished for things to come true, and they haven’t. I guess I didn’t dream or wish hard enough, because R and I really wanted this move to happen, and with his hard work, it did. For two people who had seemingly dreary futures if we had stayed, we couldn’t be happier, and it’s given us some hope as to where we can go in the future.

may goals

May Goals

So with the move over with, we can look to accomplish some other worthwhile goals, and some not so fun ones.

  • Get things sorted out with the DMV. NC requires a written test before you can get your license, but we’ve heard the news that they’re possibly doing away with this, so we have to find out. If so, we just need to do a vision test and road sign recognition test.
    • The license has to come before everything else. After we receive our licenses in the mail, we’ll be able to register our cars and get NC plates. We’ll also have to pay property tax on our cars, which was not required in NY. Boo. This means one-time expenses will be up slightly this month. I also have to jump through some hoops, because my car’s title is under my mom’s name. She has to gift it to me and we have to get the title signed by a notary. Fun.
  • Possibly entertain the idea of getting furniture. I am pretty happy with the way things look, but there are a few odds and ends the apartment could use. We did not expect 1,041 sq ft to be this big. I honestly feel like I’m in a house most of the time. Our guest room has one desk and a futon in it. That’s it. The living room – my desk, couch, and TV. And it’s huge. I’ll be sharing a tour soon, I promise! Needless to say, we could finally use a coffee table and perhaps a bookshelf. Ideally, I’d love to have my dad make us these items, but the issue is bringing it back from their house to ours. I don’t know how much it will cost in lumber to make, but I doubt it’s worth it to rent a truck. I’ll be discussing this with my dad this weekend.
  • Paint! This is silly, but I am setting a goal for R. He has had these two little may goalscanvasses for at least a year now, and hasn’t painted anything. He managed to paint me a cute picture for one occasion, and we need some more things to hang around the place. Our walls look really bare. Back in the old apartment, there was no room, but now that there is, he’s interested in taking painting back up. He did go to college for it!
  • Look for a job. I am still undecided as to the path I want to take. I’ve also been entertaining the idea of taking the police exam down here, but I definitely need to work out and train for that. For those that don’t know, I went to college for Criminal Justice. I never wanted to be a cop; I always wanted to be a detective. My actual dream was working for the FBI (a la Criminal Minds; I also love NCIS). However, I’ve scrapped that, and in order to become a detective, I clearly need to put in my time. 
    • For now, I am going to look for part-time jobs. I feel like I might have an easier time getting my foot in the door that way. The other night, R and I sat down and made up our shiny new budget for May. On a normal basis, his expenses should be around $1,500, and mine around $700. I figured out what I need to make in order to comfortably cover my half of things, and part-time work should do the trick.
    • This will enable me to take some time to decide where to go. I can start going to the gym and working out on a consistent basis for the police exam, I can work on freelancing, and I can also keep my eye out for full-time work that looks promising.
  • Exercise. This is going back on the list. R has already gotten into a routine of going to the gym every other day, and since he is getting out of work an hour earlier than he used to, he’ll be attempting to run at night. He’s been waking up at 4am to try to run, which has been failing more often than not. Can’t blame him! So, does anyone have any free resources they recommend? I plan on looking up some YouTube videos this week.
  • Eat healthier. Again, going back on the list. I want to find a way to compile all the recipes I’ve bookmarked into an easy accessible list. I’d like to copy and paste into a Word doc, but that might take some time to format properly. The lack of variety is killing us, and if I have more time to cook, I don’t have an excuse.
  • Read at least three books. I’ve still been slacking on reading, and I am disappointed in myself. I also need to start making a schedule for myself for blogging, commenting, writing, reading, working out, etc. This way I have blocks of time dedicated to certain things. I could spend all day reading blogs and commenting!

Those are my goals for May. What are you working on this month?

Erin M.

Erin is a personal finance writer and virtual assistant who loves talking about money and how to use it as a tool to get what you want out of life. When she's not obsessing over numbers or working (which is rare), she can be found messing around in Photoshop, laughing at her cat, watching YouTube videos, playing video games, chair dancing, or any random combination of the above.

38 thoughts on “May Goals and April Review

  1. Wow – you guys have a huge apartment – that’s awesome!! And I think it’s super cool that R paints – our oldest is an artist, and I am always so amazed by those who can draw and paint well – such beauty there! I didn’t know you went to school for Criminal Justice – very cool!!! Can’t wait to see where this new journey takes you, E.M. Sounds super fun!
    Laurie @thefrugalfarmer recently posted: Why it’s Crucially Important to Make Your Debt Payoff Plan PersonalMy Profile

    1. What’s funny is that I didn’t take square footage into consideration when looking, I just liked the layout and everything else that came with it. Now that we’ve been living here, though, we could have made do with a somewhat smaller space. I know it will come in handy when we have visitors, though!

      Oh I know, I’m so jealous of his skills. To be able to have an image in your mind, and transfer it to paper, is really neat. I wish I could do it, but I will stick to graphics on the computer!

  2. Your apartment is massive. It sounds similar in size to one I had years ago. I loved it, but I was living there with a roommate so it was a different living situation. As a couple, man, I think it would feel pretty massive!

    My father made some of my furniture for me – a very nice (and large) desk, and a matching bookshelf. I love it because he made it… and it is sturdier than anything you could buy. It won’t necessarily save you anything on cost, but the quality you get for it compared to what you’d buy at the store is the important part. Gosh I wish I was handy :)
    Alicia @ Financial Diffraction recently posted: Financial Update – April 2014.My Profile

    1. It is a serious step up from where we were living. The layout is the best, because the kitchen and living room are completely open; then the hallway leads to the master (with bathroom and closet), guest bathroom and guest room. We barely use the second half!

      That’s very true. I’d also like to have it just for the sentimental factor. He’s already made some nice things for their house! Sometimes, I wish we had a truck so we could transport things easier.

  3. I studied Criminal Justice, too! At one point, I thought I might like to be a probation or parole officer, until I found out that they have to carry a firearm. That’s just not something I want to do!
    Anyway, good luck with your goals this month- sounds like you’re settling in to your new home. Dealing with the DMV is always a pain- hopefully it goes smoothly for you :)
    Lauren recently posted: 5 Simple Ways to Save for Summer TravelMy Profile

    1. I never thought actually being in a jail or prison was for me. Having to deal with inmates on a daily basis is a little scary. My boyfriend keeps saying he’s interested in being a cop, too, but I know I’d be so worried. It’s something we have to think about. I don’t know what we would do if we were both cops!

  4. Interesting that you want to be a detective! Good luck working toward that path, or another one. Sometimes plans change, but don’t give up your dream if that’ still what you want. As far as my May, I’m striving for health and as much balance as I can, with it being the busiest month of the year for me!
    Traci recently posted: Only the Best for MeMy Profile

    1. I’m not sure why, I’ve always been drawn to figuring mysteries out. I love a good mystery novel! I do have some soul searching to do in regards to what my “dream job” really is. I hope May isn’t too crazy for you! Take it one day at a time =).

    1. Thanks! I’ll look into those. I’ve heard of some decent 7 minute intense workout apps, too. There are so many free resources out there it’s amazing.

    1. That is all happening behind the scenes! The post was getting long as it was, but I do have some plans for tweaking the site design, and trying to do some guest posts this month. I hope everything goes smoothly for you in regards to school! I really can’t believe everyone will be getting out already.

    1. Yep! I guess it’s different with each state; my parents did not have to take a test to receive a SC license. Once you have established residency in NC, you have 60 days to apply for a license. I do know some people that have their cars registered in different states because the insurance is lower, but I’m not sure of the legality surrounding that.

      Exactly! I have no excuses for not taking a walk now.

    1. Yes it is; I’m obsessed with cute owls, so I told him to paint us…as owls. =)

      I’m trying my hardest to get posts written in advance, which has been working out well. I don’t think I could handle my blog plus writing for others, on top of working full time. Forget commenting in that equation!

  5. I think this is a great time for you to try a bunch of things and see what happens. You are at a completely unique point in your life where it will not take much for you to make ends meet so now is the time to explore and find your passion. Who knows where it is hanging out? I can’t wait to watch the adventure unfold. :-)
    Shannon @ Financially Blonde recently posted: We have a WHAT?!?My Profile

    1. Thanks Shannon, those are pretty much my thoughts. We’ll be okay for a few months due to savings, so I’m going to take my time to make sure I get a job I’m really happy with.

  6. I’m so glad to hear that you and R are in a better place, literally and mentally! That’s crazy about property tax for your cars, though, but on the upside you have a bigger space for the both of you, more opportunities and hope, and proximity to your parents, so it sounds like a great trade-off! Best wishes for your May goals and landing a PT gig – I’m sure you’ll get one in no time! So cool about being a detective – that will be so interesting to hear about your process with it!
    anna recently posted: May UpdatesMy Profile

    1. Thankfully the property tax shouldn’t be horrible. We used a little estimator on the DMV website – I think mine was about $40 and his was $20.

      Thanks for the well wishes! I do hope things start falling into place soon. One thing at a time. If I do go the police route, I think I’ll have to stay quite anonymous in order to blog about it, but we’ll see!

  7. North Carolina must be strict all the way around. It’s really, really hard to get an optometry license there and you have to do twice as much continuing ed to keep it than you do in most states. Congrats on the move. Aside from a few hiccups, it sounds like a great new start.

    1. Thanks! That’s so strange, I wasn’t expecting that coming from NY. My parents live in SC and they’re so much more lenient. I guess I can at least expect top notch care when I have to go in for my next eye exam =).

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Jen. I’ll sure try! We decorated my parent’s house on a budget, so we’ll do the same here. It helps that I already have a bunch of “knick knack” things to display.

    1. I know exactly how you feel! I love reading blog posts, but books have a lot to offer, too. Come to think of it, I think I’ve only finished maybe one book so far this year. Wow.

  8. I wanted to be a police officer. My aunt was one of the first female constables in our city and I was so proud of her. I have a B/W photo portrait of her in her uniform hanging on my stair case. Actually one in uniform and one without. She kept them in storage and after she died my Mum had them but never displayed. Then after Mum died, I got them (she’s my godmother) and put them up straight away. She was my second Mum and with Mother’s Day coming up, I’m thinking of them both a lot.

    Why don’t you try a Pinterest board for your recipes?

    1. Aw, that’s a great story. That is awesome your aunt was one of the first female constables! There need to be more female police officers out there.

      I think I am going to try that. I’m actually horrible with Pinterest – I just started trying it out for the blog. I guess I tend to be more of a list-format person than a visual board one.

    1. Don’t worry, I can’t paint at all either. That’s neat! I really wish I had a family member with experience to talk it over with. I think they have a women mentoring program here, to get more females into the police force, so perhaps I can get in contact with them.

    1. That’s great! I’m not sure if I have those kinds of aspirations; being a detective seems like enough work, but I suppose in a small town, it’s quite possible to rise up the ranks like that.

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