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Hello everyone! I’m so glad the weekend is here. This week went by pretty fast, and as everyone else is saying, I cannot believe July is almost over. I think so many things  were going on for me this month with my parents moving and my birthday that it just flew by. Which is great, because as I told my mom the other day, it means less time until I see them! I will be doing a post soon on what my plans are for vacation and how I am going to keep costs low. Anyone else have any trips planned?

Previous Posts on JtS

Here are the posts I wrote this week:

On Monday I wrote about my grandma’s overfilled garage and how she has been so selfless in providing for her family. I also wrote about the other side of the issue – do you have too much pride to accept things? From the comments, I gather everyone is very appreciative of help from relatives, but sometimes they go a little too far. We accept anyway, because we don’t want to offend them, plus it seems to make grandparents and parents happy to give.

On Wednesday I wrote about the pressures surrounding the act of giving presents, since R has been giving me a hard time about not buying me anything for my birthday, which I am fine with. I explain my situation and the alternatives to traditional gifts that most of us seem to appreciate. A lot of you said you’re also fine with thoughtful, handmade gifts as opposed to something random purchased for the sake of having something to give.

Then on Friday I had a little tutorial of how to cut men’s hair, where I featured the steps I take in cutting R’s hair. I do have the completed look pictures up now as well, so you can see how it turned out for yourselves! I encourage everyone to give it a try, and at least if your hair is long enough, or if it grows back fast, you’ll probably be fine :).

Thanks to Matt from Mom and Dad Money for mentioning my pressure of presents post! As always, thanks to those that share my posts via Twitter, I appreciate it!

Posts I really liked – Past 2 weeks

I failed at posting this last week, so I will be including posts from the past 2 weeks here. As always, they are in no particular order.

Posts of the Week #2

Vanessa from Cashcowcouple wrote how the most important financial decision is your spouse. I feel bad as I missed this post, and she answered my question of how they make finances work between them. I for one think they’re adorable and motivating, considering they’re my age and living on so much less! I agree that it is important to consider your significant others’ money habits before getting married. My ex was quite the spender and I was disappointed every time he blew through his paycheck. Our views on money never aligned. I don’t have to worry about that with R though!

DC from Young Adult Money talked about how cost of living impacts finances and lifestyle. All of his points are great, and ones I am definitely taking into consideration as we plan on moving next year. I am so excited to hopefully cut our rent payments in half and have more room to focus on debt. The cost of housing is just way too expensive here for me to consider staying, and R would be getting a promotion with the move, so there’s really no downsides except the unknown of living somewhere new!

Laurie over at The Frugal Farmer had a really heartwarming post on how to help others when on a tight budget. So sweet! Sometimes it is difficult to give up your own money when you think you’re struggling, but the feeling of helping someone else out makes it worth it.

Jordann from My Alternate Life had a great post on buying souvenirs. I had never really given it much thought before, as I don’t really travel anywhere exotic enough for me to want a souvenir, but it’s a great post on her thought process on buying them. I agree that sometimes they can be rather useless and it is important to get one that’s either practical or will always remind you of your trip. Also agree that sometimes pictures are enough.

Here are some other links to great articles:

Matt | Mom and Dad Money on how he negotiated a lower bill.

Vanessa | Cashcowcouple| on Frugal Rules with It’s not what you make, it’s what you keep

KK | Student Debt Survivor with advice on going back to school if you hate your job

DC | Young Adult Money with his take on investing in real estate for income

Cat | Budget Blonde | on Careful Cents talking about how she is ramping up her freelancing to make the switch to full-time blogger in 6 months

Jeremy | Modest Money on 10 common mistakes new bloggers make

Well that’s it for this week! I hope you all have a fantastic weekend.

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