Posts of the Week #3

Hello everyone! Hope your weekend is going well. Mine has been pretty relaxing so far. I’ve been on the search for a new keyboard as my backspace key broke last week. I’ve never had a key just pop out on me and it won’t stay in place. I have had this keyboard for at least 4 years now, but it is annoying to replace something because of one key. I’d love to pretend I am a perfect typist and don’t need the backspace key, but it has made blogging a bit annoying lately.

Anyone have any recommendations? I’ve been thinking of going with the chicklet style, but I also like low profile keyboards that have a quiet press. Trying to stay around $20.

My posts from last week

On Monday I asked if you brown bagged it to work and an overwhelming amount of you said yes! Some of you were reformed, and others had spouses that ate out too often. I learned that most of you eat leftovers, some of you prepare beforehand by using a slow cooker, and some of you are lucky enough to have panini presses at work. Jealous!

On Tuesday I shared my simple recipe for fettuccine alfredo with you all. Honestly, I’m not even sure if it counts as a recipe because it’s so easy! At the bottom of the post I did include a recipe from my dad, whose fettuccine I vastly prefer, but it’s a tad more expensive. Seems like a lot of you agreed pasta is an easy go-to meal.

On Friday I wrote about how walking is one of my favorite free activities. I know a decent amount of PF bloggers are into running, but I am not quite there yet! So for now I enjoy walking through the neighborhood with R and discovering new places, while chatting about the houses we pass. I am thinking of making this one into a series as well.

Thanks to John from Frugal Rules for sharing my brown bag it post!

Posts of the Week #3

Posts I enjoyed this past week

Sadly with bluehost being down on Friday I didn’t get to comment on as many posts as I would have liked. My job was actually affected by the outage and it was quite annoying. Around noon I turned to my coworker and asked her if she’d been receiving any emails, and we realized we stopped receiving anything at 11:05. Email is our main communication so that was frustrating to deal with. Hopefully they have everything running smoothly now.

Jacob | iHeartBudgets writes about how he is blessed with a wonderful family and shares their journey together so far. It was really touching and adorable!

Pauline | Reach Financial Independence shares her plan to pledge 10% of her blog income to school girls in her community. I thought this was really sweet, and it seems like it will have a great impact on the lives of the girls.

Femme Frugality shares with us her first financial mistake at the age of 12. I would have been so horrified if I had experienced what she did! Sometimes it’s better to get these things over with earlier, so you don’t make the same mistake later.

Jordann | My Alternate Life tells us to stop wanting things! She shares that she had this ideal vision of how her life would be after graduating college and how that vision is completely different now. I can definitely relate to this!

DC | Young Adult Money shares 5 ways young professionals can take control of their careers. I thought his points were spot on, and I have done a few of them which rewarded me with a promotion early on in my current job.

Brian | Luke1428 wrote an inspiring post, When Life Makes It Easier, Push It! What course do you usually take in life – the easy way, or the challenging way?

That’s it for this week!

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  1. That is a very important key on a keyboard. I don’t think I could live without it either. I like the low profile, quiet keyboards the most. We also have an ergonomic one that is split in the middle and angled a bit so that your arms rest at a natural position when typing. That one is nice (but a little loud). Happy hunting. And thanks for mentioning my post. Appreciate it!
    Brian @ Luke1428 recently posted: Attachment: The Giving KillerMy Profile

    1. You’re welcome! Yeah, of course it had to be the backspace key! I cannot type on the split keyboards at all. My dad has one and I’ve tried many times, but it messes me up so badly as I’m not used to it. I also type a bit weirdly so that may be why!

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