There are a lot of pros and cons to homeownership that people don't think about before buying. A house is a huge purchase - don't make it blindly.Owning a house as a primary residence has never, ever been part of my plans.

I’ve been perfectly fine with the idea of renting ever since I moved out of my parent’s house.

However, my boyfriend owns a house (he purchased it before we were dating), and I moved in with him after I left Texas since it made the most sense all-around.

A number of months have passed, so I figured now would be a good time to sum up the pros and cons of “owning” a house…from the perspective of someone who would rather be renting.

(So no, I don’t technically own the house, but I do pay rent, and I have purchased/split the cost of furniture and whatnot. My boyfriend insists it’s “our” house, so there you go.)

I find that a lot of people make it their “plan” to become a homeowner after settling down because it’s part of the classic American dream. It’s what we’ve been told and taught to do after graduating and getting full-time jobs.

However, I don’t think it’s a good idea to do something “just because” it’s what everyone else has been doing for years. I always challenge the status quo – especially when it comes to huge purchases – because I want to stick to¬†my values, not society’s values.

My thoughts? I firmly believe a house isn’t an investment, unless, of course, you buy it with the goal of making it a rental property.

A house is also likely the biggest purchase you’ll ever make. Why go into that purchase blindly?

Here are some of my unconventional thoughts on the subject (in slight rant form) to hopefully shed some light on homeownership for those who are thinking about it.

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