If we don't have anything to be grateful for, then what do we have? Here's a list of things we tend to take for granted that we should be grateful for.

Being Grateful: Because What Else do we Have?

If we don't have anything to be grateful for, then what do we have? Here's a list of things we tend to take for granted that we should be grateful for.The last few weeks have been emotionally trying for a lot of people.

I couldn’t help but think that now is a pretty good time to reflect on what we have to be grateful for.

We’ve got Thanksgiving around the corner in the US, and I believe gratitude can help us overcome all the negativity going on right now.

Some might think it’s a trivial exercise in the face of bigger issues at hand, but if we can’t be grateful, what else do we have?

I’ve been through a lot of dark times in my life, but thinking back, I always had things I could be grateful for.

Unfortunately, when you’re going about your day-to-day, you tend to take the simple things for granted. We place more emphasis on the negative than the positive.

It’s time to change that. I hope you’ll join me in thinking about everything you have to be grateful for, despite the odds many of us are facing.


The reasons I have for being grateful this week, including getting a better grip on time management and prioritization, friends and family, and fall leaves!

Being Grateful: Seventy-Seventh Edition

The reasons I have for being grateful this week, including getting a better grip on time management and prioritization, friends and family, and fall leaves!Hi everyone! I’m yet again blown away by how fast time is flying. It feels like we just got to NY yesterday, when in a few days, we’ll be halfway through our trip.

This makes me incredibly sad. I thought a month would be more than enough time to see people and still make room for work, but I’m finding that’s not the case. Or I just fail at life. Yep, that’s probably it.

Of course, I have pressure from freelancing – as much as I try to work ahead to clear a few days out, things pop up and opportunities surface. Then it becomes a game of knowing when to say yes or no.

I’m also pressuring myself to focus on work when there are people I want to spend time with. And I end up feeling like there’s never enough time to do or see all the things I had planned while up here.

I’m very grateful for a lot of these things, but sometimes, I wish life was simpler. Don’t we all?

Being Grateful for a Getaway

This was a very short getaway, but I was still able to get outside and see the beautiful fall foliage of “upstate” NY. The leaves aren’t changing as much down here, and it’s just surreal to drive around a town and see mountains everywhere. The view is gorgeous no matter where you look.

I’ve said it before, but if I were to ever move back to NY, it wouldn’t be to Long Island. It would be somewhere upstate near the mountains.

We also had a chance to do a small hike to see a waterfall. For some reason, I’ve been obsessed with waterfalls my entire life, so whenever I go hiking, that’s my first stop. There’s something majestic about a bunch of water flowing over a cliff. What can I say? (I’ve been to Niagara Falls three times.)

While the getaway was nice, it wasn’t cheap. The town we went to is fairly small, and it has a lot of mom and pop businesses. I’m all for local business, but of course, you pay the price. I was surprised considering it’s a college town, but R told me a lot of places accept the currency that comes with meal plans. Oh well!

The reasons I have for being grateful this week, including getting a better grip on time management and prioritization, friends and family, and fall leaves!

Thankfully, the accommodation wasn’t bad as we stayed at an Airbnb. I just wish we had had more choices of where to eat.

Being Grateful for Knowing the Value of Time

This one might sound a little weird, but lately, I’ve been thinking about how much value I place on my time now that I’m self-employed.

When I was still working (or hell, when I was in college), I admit, I was guilty of “throwing” some days away. Lazy weekends, or lazy breaks from college, were welcome.

Now? Nope. I try and be as efficient as possible (which sometimes isn’t as efficient as I’d like due to certain limitations) because I know the value of my time.

If I choose not to work, I need to make sure I’m spending my time on something that will make me happy, otherwise I’ll wish I was working and making money instead. Horrible truth (and I’m trying to work on this), but at least it brings me some clarity.

One of my biggest pet peeves is wasting time, and I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’m not a person who can truly value relaxing. I get jittery if I’m not being productive. I’m strange, I know.

Regardless, I’m thankful that I’m now in the mindset of prioritizing. This year has been the year of optimizing and prioritizing everything in my life. I’ve tried to assign values to things as much as possible, and this makes it easy to know whether or not something is important to me. The less decisions I have to make, or the quicker I can make a decision, the better.

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Being Grateful for Friends and Family

I say this every time I visit New York. As much as I love to hate on how expensive it is, and how boring it is (well, LI is anyway), it will always feel like home.

This is where the people I love are, for the most part. These are the streets I grew up driving on. Many places hold a lot of memories for me.

Whenever we meet up with friends, it’s like no time has passed. Sure, we may have missed out on a few inside jokes, but overall, we’re welcomed back with open arms.

Nowhere else does that feeling occur, except for at my parent’s house.

In a way, it makes me re-think moving away. When I think of Charlotte, I think of being holed up in my apartment. I know it’s my fault, I just wish making friends were a bit easier after college. So for now, I’ll remain grateful I have family here, and friends all over that I can visit whenever I want!

The reasons I have for being grateful this week, including getting a better grip on time management and prioritization, friends and family, and fall leaves!

Writing Around the Web

I have a new addition this week – my first post at GenFKD went live last week, and it’s on the unexpected benefits of saving. Many of you know my background, but if you just started reading or stumbled on this, then you’ll want to give it a read.

I had two posts at Young Adult Money both last week and this week. My favorites – you can find out how to be frugal without being boring, and the lessons I’ve learned from decluttering this past month went live today.

On Frugal Rules, I responded to that silly article which I shouldn’t bother naming, and wrote about how you can balance saving and living in your 20s. I also wrote about why you should check in with your financial goals on a regular basis for the most success.

What are you being grateful for this week? Has October completely flown by for you, too? When is the last time you visited home (if you’ve moved away)? Have you ever made a wrong decision with moving before?

The reasons I have for being grateful this week are a little different than usual. Can we get more meta than being grateful for gratitude itself?

Being Grateful: Seventy-Sixth Edition

The reasons I have for being grateful this week are a little different than usual. Can we get more meta than being grateful for gratitude itself?What a crazy week it has been. I’ve felt off-kilter since last week as I knew I’d be spending most of Friday in a car on the way up to New York. When you “lose” a day of work, it feels strange. Today feels like Monday instead of Sunday!

I’m happy to say the weather is definitely cooler here. When we left on Friday, it was in the 80s by us. Last night, I was freezing in a sweater, scarf, pants, and boots.

I actually changed all my clothes around last week in preparation. Interestingly, I didn’t have much to get rid of. Each time I change my clothes around for the seasons, I try to be as critical as possible in an effort to declutter.

I had done a fairly large purge the last two times, and I haven’t really purchased anything new, so most things stayed the same. I guess that’s a good thing! Am I allowed to say I’m grateful I don’t have a shopping addiction?

Being Grateful for…Gratitude?

Is it possible to be grateful that gratitude has been coming easier to me over the last year? I’ve written about it before, but this weekly exercise has made a huge difference in my life.

That really showed this weekend. For the most part, our trip went smoothly, but it wasn’t without its bumps. When you’re on the road for 12+ hours, that’s bound to happen.

We ended up leaving later than expected to get to my parents house on Thursday, and we wanted to get some sleep, so we didn’t leave until noon on Friday.

Our goal was to get there before Saturday because we had plans that night. We figured we could take it slow and it would be less stressful. That worked out for the first half of the trip…

Traffic, Bad Weather, and Bad Timing

I feel like I-95 in Virginia is cursed for us. That’s where we hit a major, major delay back when we moved. 8 hours worth of delays, causing the entire move to take 24 hours instead of 11. This time was no different (except for less traffic).

A storm started brewing while I was driving. I absolutely hate storms (when I was 5, my neighbor’s house got struck by lightning, scaring the crap out of me), I don’t like driving in the dark, and I especially don’t enjoy driving when it’s dark out and pouring.

All that happened at once. We were in the middle of traffic and the skies opened up. My plan was to stop somewhere for dinner once nighttime hit. We got off at an exit as soon as we could, but we couldn’t see any signs. I ended up pulling into a random parking lot where R switched to driving.

We found our way to the restaurant, and by the time we left, it had stopped raining. There was still some traffic, but it wasn’t as bad. Unfortunately, with all the stop and go, and R getting tired later on, we ended up getting here around 2:30AM.

Getting Lost and More Bad Timing

As if that wasn’t enough, the next day we headed into the city to meet up with friends. We missed the first train going there, and the one coming back (for multiple reasons). We got lost going to the meet up, and I’ve been having issues with my pinky toe hurting while walking. Being in pain and trying to figure out your way around NYC isn’t fun.

I’m not going to lie – I was miserable. As I hobbled along, I told myself I needed to keep putting one foot in front of the other. We’d get to where we were going eventually. I needed to suck it up.

Then a few things happened. Not surprisingly, we saw a few homeless people on the streets, trying to get comfortable and stay warm in the brisk weather.

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It served as a reminder of how privileged I am. I was able to afford a ticket into the city (damn you LIRR for being so pricey), and I have all my basic needs met. Friends, family, food, shelter, etc. – overall, life is good. I shouldn’t be complaining about pain in my foot.

On our way back to Penn Station, we happened to run into a few friends we had already said goodbye to. We were going on separate train lines and theirs left later, so we left before them. We saw them crossing the street we were on and intersected at the perfect time.

There’s a Bright Side if You Look for One

Coincidence? Who knows. I like to think things happen for a reason. We got lost, but we somehow reconnected with people, and had an amazingly interesting time taking the drunk train back to the island. Those are great memories I won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

My point is, I was waffling back and forth on being annoyed and trying to find the bright side all of last night. Yes, we got lost twice, but we got to the meet up eventually and had a lot of fun with friends we barely get to see. We also got to meet new people!

I don’t think I would have been in both of those mindsets a few years ago. I had a horrible habit of sinking into the Woe is me, why does nothing ever go right? thought process instead. I’m still guilty of it to some extent, but I can snap myself out of it rather quickly and not let something ruin my night.

So yes, I think I can be grateful for having a better outlook on things.

A Gentle Reminder

I’m staying with my grandma this trip, and she’s been filling me in on what’s been happening with the rest of our family. Unfortunately, with everyone going off and doing their own thing these past few years, it’s been difficult to get everyone together.

Nevertheless, my grandma checks in with everyone because she cares, and when she doesn’t receive a call in return, she gets upset. She spoiled all of us grandchildren growing up, and when my parents went through rough patches with money, she was there.

From this, I wanted to give you all a reminder: if you’re on friendly terms with your family, give them a call. Maybe you’re closer with a cousin or an aunt or uncle – whoever it is, let them know you’re thinking about them.

You might assume your family already knows you love and care about them, but nothing beats actually hearing from one another. Many of us are grateful for our family and friends, but we don’t show it enough (myself included). Make time for them one way or another.

Writing Around the Web

I had two articles on Young Adult Money this week – the importance of finding your “why” when it comes to money, and a discussion of the sprint vs the marathon mindset when it comes to completing goals.

On Frugal Rules, I offered a rebuttal to the infamous piece from Elite Daily about not saving money in your 20s. I’m all about balance, and I think you can save, pay off debt, and still enjoy life if you just master the basics.

What are you being grateful for this week? Do you have to remind yourself to be grateful for certain things, or does gratitude come easily to you? When is the last time you connected with family and friends?