Welcome to Journey to Saving, a blog dedicated to helping those that are just starting out with their financial plans. Have you just started a job, earning an income for the first time ever? Are you in debt-repayment mode, trying to save as much as possible to use toward paying your debt off? Or have you found yourself with some nice savings in the bank, but are unsure as to what you should use it for, or where it should go?

Regardless of the reason you’re here, I want you to know you’re not alone. Saving money is important at any stage of life, and we will be focusing on various ways to save, how to trim down your budget, and how your mindset can affect your savings, among other things.

Even if you are in the process of paying off debt (I have student loans myself), I believe you should save something, even if it’s a small amount. Getting into the habit of putting money away for the future is the first step, and knowing what to do with it is the next.

How do you expect to save if your mind is constantly on what you think you need to purchase next? The mindset behind saving is also crucial, as some people lack self-control, or just aren’t fully aware of their own financial situation. We will be going over this, as well as many more topics, in the future.

For now, I will tell you a little bit about myself, because this blog is also my journey into the field of personal finance. I have been reading various PF blogs throughout the last year, and have been inspired to share my story and journey with the community.

I recently graduated college and entered the world of entry-level jobs not in my field of study. Interestingly, I ended up in a job I wasn’t aware existed after pursuing a 4 year degree in Criminal Justice. Useless or not, I enjoyed my time spent studying, and my experiences in college helped get me to where I am today. However, having student loans isn’t fun, as most people can attest to, so they are my main focus right now.

I have always been a saver, but I don’t have any experience in investing. One of my goals that I hope to have completed soon is to learn how to navigate the world of investing. It seems intimidating, but with the wealth of resources out there, I’m sure it’s do-able!

I want to be able to share my journey with those that decide to join me, and this will be a big part of it. I will also be sharing my attitude toward saving, and how it was shaped.

The other is learning how to pay my own way. I’ve been living with my parents my whole life as I attended a local college that didn’t have any dorms. My parents have been more than accommodating, although I’m pretty sure my mom just didn’t want me to leave :).

Unfortunately, now they are the ones leaving! Our house had been on the market for seven months, but last month we finally got interested buyers, and my parents are in the final stages of closing.

It’s scary and exciting all at once. Scary, because my rent is about to go way up, but exciting because I know it’s the next logical step in adulthood. I am very thankful I’m not doing it alone, as my boyfriend is making the move with me. Without splitting the rent, I don’t think I would be able to afford to live here! It has definitely forced me to think long and hard about a budget, which I will share in a later post.

So now that you know my situation, I hope you guys will join me as I graduate to the next stage of my journey – both personal and financial.

Erin is a total goofball who sucks at writing about herself (though she finds referring to herself in the third person amusing). When she's not editing videos, she can be found messing around in Photoshop, laughing at her cats, watching YouTube videos, playing video games, chair dancing, sipping coffee, or any random combination of the above.

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