Moving: Part Two

We left off with the truck breaking down on us and having it towed to the nearest Penske facility. We were surprised to find them open as we had been told it would be another hour of waiting, but someone had been called in. This was great because it allowed us to start the whole packing process right away.

Packing again

MovingSomehow R got a second wind here and was vigorously transferring boxes and furniture over to the new truck. To make it easier, my dad backed the trucks up to one another so we could easily cross between both.

It wasn’t a happy time, but we didn’t have any choice at this point, so we made the best of it. I believe it only took us about an hour to have the other truck ready to go. This was mostly because my dad is awesome at packing things to fit well. I can always count on him to find a way, which also came in handy at the storage unit!

On the road again

We left renewed and ready to try and hustle our way to the storage facility. It … Keep Reading

Moving: Part One

Hi everyone! I’m sorry that I’ve been a bit MIA since the move. Things have been a little crazy, and not entirely in a good way. I figured I owe you all an update at least on how the actual move went!

Since we ended up being on the road for 22 hours instead of the 14 we thought it would take, I’m breaking the updates up into two parts.

Physical Move

I have to say, none of this would have been as easy if my dad and R weren’t there. They did the majority of the lifting and hauling stuff out to the truck. My grandma also came to help, which was really nice. My mom did the majority of the packing, but she was still transporting boxes to the truck. R’s mom stopped by to say farewell and helped out a little as well. Me? I was at work!

When I came home, the truck was loaded, but they had taken a break from packing the rest of the little things laying around to make dinner. This would come to be a slight problem later on. After dinner my parents went to sleep. We needed all the rest … Keep Reading

Being Grateful: Twenty-Second Edition

It’s Moving Day! I can’t believe it’s actually here. I have to say, it still hasn’t sunk in that I’ll be in a different state by tomorrow. I feel like I’ll still be waking up to go to work. In just a few hours we will be on our way.

While I’ll be closer to my parents, I am leaving the rest of my family and friends behind. I’ll even miss my coworkers. The nice thing is that one of them is getting married in July, and my mom and I are planning to fly up and attend together. I’ll be able to visit everyone then. After that, who knows!

being grateful

I have so much to be grateful for this week. It’s been a long and short week all in one, with all the packing we did and the counting down. I still feel like it’s Tuesday!

I am grateful that we got to see our friends one last time. We also went to a fun trivia night at a bar not too far from us. Each table got a free pizza, there wasn’t even a cover charge! That’s hard … Keep Reading

March Budget Review

This is the week of reviewing, apparently! I know it’s a little late; I honestly can’t even remember much of what happened at the beginning of March. I’m a little ashamed to say I had to question a few things on our statements. “What the heck did we spend $60 on at WalMart?” Not good. We threw out most of our receipts since R was cleaning out the drawers, so hopefully my memory is correct!

March felt like a really long month and I’m not too pleased with our spending. What’s done is done, though I don’t feel as good not knowing what this month will look like at all.

March Budget Review

march budgetI finally joined the $1,000 club in terms of my student loan payment! This is kind of thrilling to see. Normally, I can’t contribute this much since I don’t make a whole lot at my job, but with my tax return, it was possible. I now owe just $2,267 on my smaller loan. I really want to knock this out, but I’m holding off until after the move. Unfortunately, I won’t have any income once that happens, so … Keep Reading

April Goals & Review of March

Hello everyone! Time for a check-in on how many goals I accomplished in March, and what my goals for April look like.

I wrote that I was going to try to mark “X’s” on the days when I completed a task/goal, but truth be told, I got a little lazy during the second half of the month and stopped keeping track. This might have also been because I was recording it in an Excel sheet, rather than a physical calendar. Or I was just trying to record too much!

I hate to make excuses, but things did get hectic once R was interviewing for his promotion, and it’s been slightly crazy ever since.

As a result, many of my goals went out the window in favor of trying to make plans for the move.

april goals

March goal review

  • Exercise: We did go on walks when we got a chance, and discovered some nice new places! I also purchased tiny weights in addition to the kettlebell I had. I did really well with this at the beginning, and I’ve been picking it up again. Unfortunately, all the anxiety I’ve been … Keep Reading

Being Grateful: Twenty-First Edition

Hi everyone! I hope you all have had a great week as usual. It’s funny to think a week ago we had just received the news that R got the job, and in one week, we’ll be saying good bye to this place. Even though both of us can’t wait to get out of here, we’ve both lived here our whole lives, and in some ways, we’ll miss it. Or at least the memories that were made.

I’m sure next week will go by fast, considering I’ll only be working Tues-Friday. Saturday starts a new week according to payroll, otherwise I would have worked. I’m not excited about losing a day of pay, but I did work this Monday for double-time, so hopefully that makes up for it.

being gratefulAt times, being grateful was kind of difficult this week. R’s company cannot get their act together, and it’s been this way since he started this moving process. No one will get back to him, and when they do, it turns out he’s called the wrong person (meanwhile he was told to call them). Our truck reservation was made for August instead … Keep Reading