Being Grateful: Thirty-Fifth Edition

Hello everyone! Whew, this week was a fast one. Again, it seems like just yesterday that I had arrived at my grandma’s. Craziness. I’m not used to traveling like that, but it wasn’t a surprise that it went by so fast.

I have a lot of things to be grateful for this week!

being grateful

Catching up

First off, I got to see my cousins and their baby for my birthday! That was probably the best present I could have asked for. She has grown so much since I last saw her (before Christmas). She is absolutely adorable. My cousins admitted that they lucked out with her; she is such a happy baby. If we could be guaranteed to have a baby like that, I don’t think I’d be as hesitant about kids.

I also got to see two of my friends for my birthday, which was great. I had sort of told them on short notice, so I’m glad they were able to make time to see me. They actually treated me to lunch. It was nice being able to catch up, but I hate not knowing when I’ll see everyone again.

Our flight, … Keep Reading

Is There Ever a Legitimate Reason to Lease a Car?

I have an interesting question to pose today: do you think there’s ever a legitimate reason to lease a car? Or anything for that matter (besides a residence)?

I didn’t think so until recently, when my grandma explained to me why she wants to lease her next car.

A possible case for leasing

lease a carMy grandma is 83 years old, but she’s still pretty active for her age, and is still on the road. While she did have one little incident a few months ago, she has a clean driving record (and a lead foot).

Her car is a 2000 Mercury that’s been giving her some problems on and off for the past few years. There have been talks here and there of her looking for a newer car eventually.

As a single (older) woman, peace of mind is extremely important to her. She doesn’t want to deal with a car possibly breaking down on her, and once her current car reaches this point, it’s farewell!

I don’t blame her on this one. I want my grandma to be safe! The last thing she needs to worry about is car trouble. Besides … Keep Reading

Being Happy With Less

Yesterday was my birthday, and I only thought it fitting to reflect on what that means. For some, it means looking forward to being pampered and showered with presents. For others, it means spending time with loved ones. And still for some, it means absolutely nothing!

being happy with lessFrom a young age, many of us are “taught” that birthdays + holidays = gifts. We look forward to these occasions, wondering what goodies we’ll get.

But as time has gone on, I find myself coming up empty when people ask me what I want.

Usually, it’s something practical that I need anyway (like a kitchen tool), or it’s just money.

Boring! I know. But I don’t find myself looking forward to birthdays and holidays because of the spoils anymore. It’s been that way for several years now.

I’ve come to realize that being happy with less is becoming second nature to me.

Do you truly need everything you own?

Last week, I posed the question: what’s the most expensive item you own? (Sans cars and houses.)

Many of you answered similarly to me: technology … Keep Reading

Being Grateful: Thirty-Fourth Edition (Back Home)

Hi everyone! I hope your week went well. I’m on a light posting schedule due to the fact that I did arrive “back home” yesterday in good old NY. I wanted to write another post before this one, but found myself short on time. Yesterday was all about relaxing and spending time with my grandma.

I promise I have a few posts planned for next week, and I want to find time to write them amidst birthday celebrations (my birthday is on Monday, but my family is celebrating tomorrow).

being grateful

First, I’m grateful that my parents were nice enough to come get me to go back to their place for our flight. I could have continued to stay with them after the 4th of July, but I really wanted a few extra days to spend with R and the cats before I left for a week and a half. So they arrived Tuesday afternoon and we left almost 24 hours later.

Baggage worries

Second, I’m grateful our flight was relatively uneventful. Flying with Spirit always gives me a little bit of anxiety, due to their strict … Keep Reading