Being Grateful - Forty-Forth Edition

Being Grateful: Forty-Forth Edition / FinCon

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a great week. I had a blast at FinCon, and this edition of being grateful definitely revolves around that. I’m going to do a quick list format, otherwise I’m sure I’ll run the risk of rambling on and on! I’m being grateful for…

  • Meeting my “internet friends,” as Melanie put it. I think everyone I met was equally excited about this. There’s just something about being able to put a face and voice to someone you’ve been conversing with in comments and emails!
  • How nice everyone in the community is. I met other bloggers that I hadn’t interacted with before, and everyone was awesome. They also expressed the same thoughts. We truly are a bunch of caring money nerds. =)

    Being Grateful - Forty-Forth Edition
    Grateful for freebies!
  • One of the highlights was meeting with the Careful Cents team! All of these ladies have been a tremendous inspiration to me, and I am seriously honored to be a part of the site. It’s always great to meet up with other freelancers/solopreneurs to share your struggles and ideas with. (Sidenote: if you haven’t checked Careful Cents out, and you’re working on becoming a freelancer, you should. There’s a lot of invaluable information and advice there!)
  • Jeff Goins’ keynote Friday morning. Simply amazing. I was really looking forward to hearing him speak, and he didn’t disappoint! If you don’t know who Jeff is, you should check him out, especially if you’re struggling to consider yourself a legitimate writer versus a “blogger.”
  • Can I just repeat, I’m really grateful for how nice everyone is. I was super excited to meet Kassandra (who is hilarious, by the way), but she ended up being my saving grace Thursday night. I was an idiot and hadn’t had much to eat all day, being that we left at 5:20am and were on the road for 12 hours. I rushed to get ready for the reception, and didn’t have time to grab a bite to eat. Unfortunately, it got the better of me, and I nearly passed out at the Ignite event. That was extremely embarrassing for me, but everyone was really supportive and caring; especially Kassandra and Dee. I can’t thank them enough for being there and checking in with me the following day.
  • R, of course, because he drove the whole way down with little complaint. The drive was surprisingly not bad, and time flew by! R commented that conversational podcasts were less sleep-inducing than music ones, so we listened to some informative pieces along the way.
  • Being surrounded by everyone who loves to talk about money. Everyone I’ve spoken with said the same thing. No one else in my life cares about personal finance as much as I do, and it’s nice to be able to chat with everyone about how important it is. Everyone here gets it.
  • Driving here has, in a weird way, been a cool experience. While driving on the interstate is kind of boring, it’s neat to say I’ve now been in and seen four additional states. I had never made it off the east coast until now!
  • One of the sessions having J.D. Roth, Jim Wang, Jeff Rose, and Luke Landes on the panel. Enough said.
  • Chris Ducker’s keynote, which was also amazing and humorous. Even though it was early in the morning, he got us laughing and talking with each other.
  • Melanie and I actually taking the opportunity to talk to Jeff Goins yesterday. I was freaking out a little inside, but both of us wanted to get out of our comfort zones. He is super nice and very insightful, which wasn’t a surprise. He gave me a lot to think about!
  • Lastly, I have to say I’m very grateful for PT and everyone who had a part in helping to organize the event. It wouldn’t have been possible without them, and I am already looking forward to next year. 2 full days was not enough!
Being Grateful - Forty-Forth Edition
View from the hotel

It was really awesome to meet everyone, but I am so sad that I didn’t get to see some of you! I think we all had a bit of a hard time trying to find everyone. The Marriott was huge, and there were 600 attendees there! I saw some of you that I wanted to say hi to, but didn’t get the chance. So Hi! if you’re reading this.

I really missed everyone that couldn’t make it, too. When they showed the Frugalwoods blog at the Plutus Awards, I did a little squeal. Just know I was thinking of all of you, and I hope we can all get together next year! It looks like the Frugal FinCon Fiesta was a hit, though. I have so much catching up to do!

I am very much hoping that our drive back will be as uneventful as our drive to NOLA. We made it to Mobile, AL, and stopped over for the night. If it’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that driving during the day is better than driving at night, especially when you’re a little tired.

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend! I’ll likely post a more in-depth recap once I have a chance to.

What are you being grateful for this week? If you were at FinCon, have you been grateful for the chance to connect more personally with other bloggers?

Erin M.

Erin is a personal finance writer and virtual assistant who loves talking about money and how to use it as a tool to get what you want out of life. When she's not obsessing over numbers or working (which is rare), she can be found messing around in Photoshop, laughing at her cat, watching YouTube videos, playing video games, chair dancing, or any random combination of the above.

59 thoughts on “Being Grateful: Forty-Forth Edition / FinCon

    1. Aw, thanks Kassandra! I feel the same way. If I visit NY, we will have to get together, even if that means braving the Belt Parkway (don’t miss that road at all!). I have definitely been thanking R and told him the trip wouldn’t have been possible without him.

    1. Yes! It was so nice to see you that first night. Unique experience is right. I might have to prepare myself a little better for all the partying and loudness next year, though. =)

    1. I think so, too! I love how quickly some blogs catch fire, as it’s a lesson in what works versus what doesn’t. Meeting up with Kassandra was great, but I do hope we’re able to meet next year, too!

  1. Glad you had a great time. Everyone gets nervous if they’ve never been and it is reassuring to know that we weren’t lying when we said everyone was really nice. I’m grateful the heat has broken in LA and we’ve had some overcast mornings. The closest we get to fall.

    1. Oh I was *so* nervous, but I’m thankful I met a few bloggers I “knew” before the welcome reception, so I wasn’t going in there alone. I really wish you had been there, though! Today was oddly cool out, so I second that sentiment.

  2. Super summary there, Erin, and congratulations writing for the Careful Cents team! Sounds like there were some great speakers and interactions and that would be so motivating. Alas, we were sorry not to be able to go, but tried to make up for it with Frugal FinCon Fiesta. Kudos to R for taking you! Something tells me you will be well fed at all future FinCons‼
    debs @ debt debs recently posted: Frugal FinCon Fiesta – Ask me AnythingMy Profile

    1. Thanks Debs! Yes, there were a ton of inspiring and motivational stories going around. It was a pleasure being surrounded by such awesome people. You better be able to go next year! =) I want to meet you!

    1. UK bloggers should totally get together and have their own version. I’m actually a little sad that I only know 2 other bloggers from my state. I wish there were more!

    1. Yes, I loved hanging out with you! It did feel like home in a way. This is our community! I was going back and forth on buying the ticket, but I might just do it, especially since there’s a refund if it doesn’t work out.

    1. Oh yeah, I loved all the free stuff! You would have had fun at the Expo Hall. =) My recap will probably be trickled in here and there; I mainly wanted to soak things in, so I want to re-watch sessions once the footage is released.

    1. Yay, that’s awesome! The location has yet to be announced, so I haven’t the slightest idea, although I think it’s in the works. Considering it has been held more toward the center of the US, I would venture a guess to say somewhere over there. Hopefully we’ll know soon.

  3. If the timing is right it’s pretty much a no-brainer that I will be at FinCon next year. I feel like I really missed out the past two years and would really love to meet everyone. I feel like I “know” a ton of people – including you – but haven’t met them in person. It would be awesome to be able to do that.

    Quick Question – Did R go to FinCon or just hang out at the hotel and around New Orleans? Victoria would like to go with if it works with her grad school schedule but I’m not sure whether I should get her a ticket too or if it makes more sense for her to just hang out and relax around the hotel? Anyway, thought you might have some insight with R going with you.
    DC @ Young Adult Money recently posted: 5 Ways Rich People Have an Advantage in LifeMy Profile

    1. You better go! Even though I’m pretty shy, it was so easy to open up to everyone since, well, that’s what I do on here anyway! I think it’s safe to say we all felt connected to each other.

      R did his own thing. He wouldn’t have gotten any value from FinCon as he’s the furthest thing from a blogger. He walked around most of the day and took in the sights. Truthfully, he only came with me as I wouldn’t have been able to do the drive by myself! So I would say it might be worth it if Victoria is interested in the sessions being offered. There’s a lot to take away even if you’re not in the personal finance niche.

  4. So cool that you got to meet internet friends in person! Glad you were able to make it down there…what podcasts did you listen to? I’m not sure if I can find a conversational podcast that both my wife and I would be interested in. I’d love to go to FinCon…but I’m also a bit of a wallflower but I always hear that everyone is super nice and friendly. Another thing is that if my wife and son come along, I don’t know if they’ll enjoy it…we’ll see where they have it next year.
    Andrew@LivingRichCheaply recently posted: Are You a Sports Fanatic?My Profile

    1. R is definitely not into entrepreneurship, but I think there are great things to take away from podcasts that talk about doing what you love, so it’s worth a try. He didn’t seem to mind them!

      Smart Passive Income Podcast, The Portfolio Life, How Did You Get Into That?, The New Business Podcast were a few that we liked. You could also listen to some TED Talks.

      Trust me, my natural inclination is to be a wallflower, too. I think I met more bloggers who identified as introverts than not, but we all made it! Next time, I will definitely stay in the hotel where the conference is, because it makes stopping by the room easier. I did feel bad leaving R on his own, but he had fun walking around the city. If it’s in a spot where you can vacation out of it, you should go!

  5. I was incredibly impressed with the conference…it was much more than I anticipated. And I agree, the great value is in the one on one interaction with like minded people. In the normal world, many people don’t get “blogging.” Not so at this conference. Everyone has something in common. Loved getting to meet you and chat for a bit. I’m already looking forward to next year!
    Brian @ Luke1428 recently posted: Pushing Through An Identity Crisis: 31 Straight Days of WritingMy Profile

    1. Same here, Brian! Part of me wishes we could have a conference every six months, but I think that might be too much craziness to deal with. =) I did meet a lot of bloggers from the Atlanta area, though – you guys should have a meetup of your own!

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